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Acid Mucopolysaccharides / Colloidal Iron Modification
AFB Stain / Ziehl-Neelsen's Method
AFB / Fite’s Method
Alcian Blue (for mucin) / Alcian Blue, pH 2.5
Argentophile Granules / Fontana's Masson Stain
Bodian Stain (nerve fibers) / Bodian's Method
C.N.S. for Muscle Tissue / PTAH Method
Calcium Stain / Kossa Method
Congo Red for Amyloid / Congo Red Method
Copper Stain / Rhodanine Method
DNA Stain / Feulgen Reaction
Elastic Fibers / Orcein-Giemsa (O.G.)
Elastic Fibers / Van Gieson Method (EVG)
Fat Stain / Oil Red O Method
Fe Stain / Gomori's or Perl's Method
Fungus Stain / Grocott's Method (GMS)
Giemsa Stain / May Grunwald (modified)
Gram positive/negative / Brown - Brenn Method
Helicobactor (HP) / Giemsa's Method
Mast Cells Stain / Toluidine Blue
Melanin Bleach / Lillie's Method
Mucicarmine Stain / Mayer's Mucicarmine
Myelin Stain / Luxol Fast Blue
Pap Stain / OG 6 & EA 50
PAS Stain / Periodic Acid Schiffs
PAS with Digestion / Lillie's Method
Reticulum Stain / Snook's Method
Spirochete / Steiner's Method
TRI (connective tissue) / Masson's Trichrome

Dermatopathology Slide: H&E Stain
H&E Stain
Dermatopathology Slide: EVG Stain
EVG Stain
Dermatopathology Slide: TRI Stain
TRI Stain

The above is our standard list of special stains that we offer. We can usually accommodate other types of stains upon request.


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